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Here's the lineup


Rick is a status indigenous man belonging to the Tuscarora First Nation based in Ontario. He started hunting with his father when he was very young following him and carrying small game that he harvested. Once he started to hunt on his own it was for small game which was abundant in his area. He snared rabbits and trapped muskrats for fur. He also spent time hunting partridge, woodcock along with ducks and geese. He has spent a lot of time on his own in the bush hunting, fishing and trapping and enjoying what now is called bushcraft. In his youth big game was rare in the local area but deer were occasionally taken by the family and he was encouraged to be part of the hunt. The older he became he was even more involved in migratory bird hunting along Lake Erie and its rivers. Deer became his main big game species with rifle, bow and muzzle loader. They took bear and moose but had to travel quiet a distance to hunt them. He fished and still fish for small mouth bass, salmon and trout as well as some panfish and have had good success. Over the years he has been able to travel back to Ontario to hunt wild turkeys and have had great success with them. Upon retiring from the RCMP, he took the step to obtain his guiding license both for hunting and fishing in the province of Nova Scotia. He has enjoyed being part of the Fur and Feather Outfitters team and looks forward to many more seasons taking in what a good friend calls “outdoor medicine” and helping other do likewise as he enters his 65th trip around the sun.


Kim has been hunting for eleven years and has become a very successful huntress and trapper. She loves to fish Striped Bass and has been known to hook the big ones. Kim loves to travel for hunting and fishing. She is a Non-Restricted/Restricted/Hunter's Safety and Learn to Fish instructor. She is always continuing to expand her knowledge and experience. She is also a certified NS/NFLD/NB hunting/ fishing guide as well as range safety officer.  She sits on many boards, including the Nova Scotia Federation of Anglers and Hunters. She joined Fur & Feather Outfitters in 2020 and has been an essential member of the team.

Matt has been fishing for most of his life and loves getting after the brookies. He started hunting late and has only been hunting for twelve years. He is an avid bow hunter and loves getting close to the game animals he is hunting. He loves to Waterfowl hunt after being invited by a good friend on a hunt for the first time and has been hooked since. Matt is a certified hunting and fishing guide and has been guiding for the past three years though Fur & Feather Outfitters. He enjoys being in the woods and spending time volunteering for local not for profit groups. He is connected to the Network of Anglers and Hunters, NOAAH Registry where he loves to connect with new hunters or hunters that want know more about the sport.